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What are you trying to do here?  

Vision: To provide a safe, edifying, enriching network of empowered, unified, military-affiliated women.

Mission: To foster the camaraderie of sisters having your six. Where individual and collective voices are heard and increase awareness of the unique needs of women, effecting change by meeting tangible and social needs resulting in fostering hope and restoring dignity.

We bring together military women and all military-affiliated women (active duty, veterans, and female friends and family of military personnel) to build a psychologically safe environment where we can be vulnerable, transparent, and honest enough to embrace our unique stories and reclaim our voices. This also includes anyone who identifies as a woman, and that is implied throughout the site. Please know that you are welcome even if I fail to say it on every page. 

Benefits of joining us

You've finally found a place where you are seen and belong. You can connect, thrive because no one stands alone. It's truly a community built around your needs.

You'll meet women with similar pursuits, careers, life stages, etc. Sister Squads can meet locally for outings and events.

This community is your opportunity to engage in respectful, thought-provoking conversations centered around topics relevant to you. You choose the content and topics you see. Say good-bye to endless streams and scrolling of things irrelevant to you.

This is an encouraging, empowering, inclusive, welcoming environment. We are creating a community of authentic, transparent, friends who have each other's six. HoH is your private, peaceful network oasis. It's a Judgement Free Zone. No Trolling. No Shaming. No Bias. PERIOD.

Plans and donations support HoH's commitment to helping with rapid rehousing for women in need and temporary housing for those fleeing domestic violence & trafficking situations. 

Donations and member plans help HoH reach back into communities. To serve neighbors, youth, elders, and anyone in need. We plan to host monthly themed outreach community events.

You will receive early bird notifications for the annual U.N.M.A.S.K.E.D. Conference and Retreat and annual U.N.M.A.S.K.E.D. Masquerade Fundraiser Ball. (Post-COVID)

Coming eventually: Global access to connect with sisters near and far. Talk, share, and connect with sisters on every continent.

Who can join?

In the beginning, we can only sell plans to CO residents. Still, we will open to every female active duty service member, veteran, and female friends and family of military personnel globally soon. As we build our community and strengthen, we will expand.

We have a lot of sisters who never joined the military, but are staunch supporters of the military or have a family member that served or is serving. They have been impacted in some way by our service. Their hearts ache when ours ache over injustices and unfair treatment. Please welcome them as they have welcomed us. This network is for women, but men are vital to the success of this network as well. 

Support groups, local and virtual classes, and assistance in various forms may come from males, and we welcome their contributions. Please share our network with every woman that would benefit from a place to strengthen and support other women.  

About Us 

I'm a veteran, military wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, and soon-to-be military mom. I learned first-hand the unique challenges military women encounter in and out of the military. This is your positive, encouraging, supportive space where you can share experiences. This is a place that achieves that military camaraderie of "having each other's six." A network of sisters who can again create bonds with peers. Where we give a "civilian" a chance to "get it," to know and understand the unique challenges of military life, so we can all live joyful, productive lives, together.

I don't want any more people dying by suicide or anyone struggling with any other issue where they feel they are alone in those feelings. This allows people to take off the masks they wear every day. I want you to enter this space and exhale and let the weights and masks drop to the floor. Grab your favorite drink, get comfy, and start chatting. 

Hallways of Hope is your comfy couch for non-judgmental dialogue.

I'm a service-connected disabled veteran with military sexual trauma. I wrote a book on suicide Dear Suicide; Goodbye, and I'm currently working on a 10-book healing series discussing difficult or taboo topics such as sex addiction, grief, domestic violence…

I wanted a more proactive approach (and not just my typical reactive cop training approach to societal issues), so I started advocating. I worked crisis, suicide, anti-trafficking, and domestic violence hotlines, I mentored trafficking victims, advocated for abused children, and at-risk youth. I volunteered with prisons, half-way houses, juvenile centers, veterans, homeless, strip clubs, sex assault, and domestic violence victims, etc. If I see a need, I am going to speak up. If I can help, I will because we are better together. No one should fight alone. 

What we want to do and who we want to impact requires funding.  We want to effect change in lives, have fun, and build community.  This community does cost, but I've streamlined costs as much as possible to make it affordable and accessible to all who want to be here. 

Supporters and Sponsors

Heartfelt Thank You!

Thanks to all our supporters. Without your assistance, we could not provide help to women fleeing violent situations or needing finances for stable housing. 

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